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A Shimmer and Shine Birthday Party

May 14, 2018

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My girls birthday’s are one day apart. You heard that right. Just one day separates Emma’s birthday from Charlie’s. Naturally, this means joint birthday parties for life! Fortunately for Emma, Charlie’s too young to have a party theme opinion, so when Emma requested a Shimmer and Shine party, I got to work dreaming and planning a party fit for a couple of genie sisters.

I wanted to give my girls a great party, but I also wanted to keep it simple so I didn’t stress myself out too much putting everything together (I tend to do that). So I cast aside the idea of a Pinterest-worthy party and picked the few things I wanted to focus on to bring some genie magic to my little girls’ big day.

I kept the decorations mostly minimal, but I did want to dress up the cake table a bit. So I purchased a couple foil fringe curtains to act as the backdrop, then grabbed some gold number balloons displaying the ages of our birthday girls.

The Shimmer and Shine friends joined the party too!

Once Emma announced her intention for a Shimmer and Shine birthday party, I immediately started brainstorming the menu. I don’t usually go crazy on the party decorations, so my favorite way to “theme” a party is through the food.

I made pigs in a blanket (from the What a Pig Mess episode) and flatbread pizzas (a.k.a. Zeta Pita Pizzas).

I made this cool “Zlamberry Salad” just by using grapes and jello packets (you can find the recipe here).

We also had veggies (Zak’s Snacks) and Dragon Princess Popcorn (from the Lights! Camera! Genies! episode).

Of course, when talking about birthday food, we can’t forget about the cake!

Since Shimmer has pink hair and Shine has blue, it only made sense that we would have pink and blue cakes. I love to bake, but expert cake decorator, I am not. So I love keeping the cake decorating simple by just using sprinkles and a number cut-out in the birthday girl’s ages.

For drinks, we had “Genie Juice” (I used this recipe for blue punch) and “Leah’s Lemonade” in glass beverage dispensers. And on the bottom shelf of the cart, we had a metal tub filled with sparkling and non-sparkling water.

Growing up on the border of Mexico, every birthday party I can ever remember going to as a child always had a piñata. We hadn’t had one at any of Emma’s previous parties since she was too little to really understand or partake in the festivities. But this year, I decided she was old enough. And what type of piñata would be perfect for a Shimmer and Shine party? One shaped like a Genie Gem!

I hadn’t found a gem shaped piñata readily available at any local party store, so I decided to make one. Pink, of course (Emma’s favorite color) and covered it in hair glitter spray to give it some sparkle! I filled it up with lots of Shimmer and Shine goodies, toys, treats, and more!

We had plenty to keep the little party guests busy with our newly-finished clubhouse and a pink bounce house!

The party was a success and we had so much fun celebrating our two little birthday girls! And most importantly . . . my teenie genies loved it!

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