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Gift Guide for Kids

November 30, 2019

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My children are probably my favorite people to shop for. They get so excited over just about everything and the toys now are so cool! Here’s my list of tried and true toys that are either on their way to under our tree or they live here already.

  1. We have (and love) several books for the Ordinary People Change the World series. They tell the stories of famous people throughout history and how they changed the world. I think this boxed set of “Strong Women” would be a great addition to our collection.
  2. I heard about this game from a mama I follow on Instagram and it looks right up my Emma’s alley. Big girl loves games, cupcakes, and princesses so this is sure to be a total win!
  3. We have an Amazon Echo and several Echo Dots throughout the house. The girls and I regularly use them for dance parties. SO, naturally, Emma’s been begging to have one of her own in her room to listen to music on (and play fart sounds, I’m sure). So this little rainbow beauty is going to be appearing under our tree.
  4. We have these inexpensive doodle tablets for both girls and they love them! Hours of quiet play and portable, so they tagged along on both of our road trips this year. They’re great!
  5. Emma is my little artist. She loves to color and draw. We got this art set for her a couple years ago and it’s still going strong. It has a great selection of coloring tools and a wide variety of colors. We use this daily.
  6. We have these Amazon Fire tablets for both girls and they’re in use regularly. From watching movies on road trips to coloring to putting together puzzles (Charlie’s becoming a whiz at those!), there’s something for every kid. And the thick case helps protect it from slippery, little fingers. A must-have in our house!
  7. I randomly grabbed this card game before our camping trip this summer and we played this game all. the. time! So much so, that my mom bought it too when we got back home. Emma sti;; asks to play it regularly. It’s a simple game, all about chance, so there’s no strategy or critical thinking involved. Just good, easy fun.
  8. It’s hard for little hands to hold a bunch of playing cards. So these card holders will be making their way into the girls’ stockings.
  9. We originally bought this camera for Emma 3 Christmases ago. She used it all the time and seeing the world from her perspective was hysterical! Now Charlie’s old enough to use it too which is even better. We love this camera.
  10. I originally put this booking making kit on my Gift Guide for the Creative Child last year. I loved the idea of it, and then someone gifted it to Emma. We loved it! She had a great time creating her story and was soooo excited for it to be sent in and get her “real book” back in the mail. As silly as her story was (because 4-year-olds), we still read this book occasionally for bedtime. But I really love the idea of getting her (and eventually Charlie) this kit every year and watching how their stories and imaginations grow! So this will be making an appearance for a second year in a row.
  11. The first time we saw these reusable sticker sets was in the little “gift shop wall” at Emma’s swim school. Nana bought her one after she graduated from her first level and she had so much fun playing with it! The stickers are reusable so your child can create their world over and over and over again. Hours of play at an inexpensive price point!
  12. I’ve heard so many great things about the OSMO system. They offer lots of learning and creating kits that function off of your Amazon Fire tablet (or iPad). I snagged one for the girls to share and am excited to see them use it.

What is Santa putting under the tree this year for your littles?


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