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Get Your Home Holiday Party Ready!

September 27, 2019

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It’s Fall, ya’ll! And that means it’s holiday party time! You’ve planned the menu and prepped the food. You’ve hung the decorations and bought a new dress. You’re ready for that holiday party . . .  but is your house?

Don’t just stock your pantry! Head to your local Safeway and stock your cleaning cabinet with all the SC Johnson products you’ll need to have a successful (and sparkly clean) holiday party! Let me show you how to make sure your house shines as brightly as you do, before and after the party.

Tackle the important rooms first

Getting ready for a party can take a lot of time, so we want to use what time we have wisely. So it’s important to make sure the important rooms are cleaned first, and if there’s time left, then you can tackle the other rooms.

Step One for Home Party Prep is listing rooms in order of importance. What rooms are the most likely to be seen and used by your guests? Bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms are high on the list. Guests probably won’t be hanging around in the bedrooms, so those can be pushed down to the bottom of the list. Once your list is made, start from the top of your list and work your way down.

Make your bathrooms sparkle

I honestly feel like bathrooms are probably the most important room to clean when having people over. Guests can overlook a lot of things, but if you’re bathroom’s not clean, well . . .

I love SC Johnson products for wiping away the grime quickly and easily, and knowing that my bathrooms are really and truly clean. I use Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Grime Fighter to remove 100% of the built up soap scum on my shower glass and around my faucets. It’s penetrating foam removes soap scum and grime, where ever it hides, and it smells amazing!

Windex® Original is the only glass-cleaner I’ve ever used. I love the streak-free shine it leaves on all my mirrors, so party guests can check themselves and do touch-ups without a cloudy film.

And let’s not forget the toilets! There’s going to be plenty of flushing happening, which is why I use Scrubbing Bubbles® Fresh Gel Toilet Cleaning Stamp. Just stamp the disc under the rim, and it provides freshness with each and every flush (for up to 12 days)! It’s a hands-free way to help keep toilet rings and limescale build up away with no touching. No scrubbing. No anything! Exactly what any busy host/hostess needs in their busy bathroom.

Clean your kitchen quickly

It’s the age of open-concept houses, so if your house is anything like mine, the kitchen is wide open into the living spaces. Which means any mess I make while preparing food, is a mess all my guests can see. Clean it all up quickly with Pledge® Mulitsurface Cleaner. Its formula is designed to be gentle and safe on all your favorite surfaces, while still being tough on messes. Use it on your countertops, cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and more! It’s one product that works on works on most surfaces, so you don’t waste precious time trying to wrangle multiple cleaners and multiple rags. Just keep it simple with Pledge® Multisurface Cleaner.

Let the light shine in

One cleaning surface is easily forgotten, but can make a huge impact on the look and feel of your party – your windows! It’s amazing how much prettier clean glass is. Even if your party is at night, the glass will glow and shimmer in candlelight or party lighting. So grab your trusty Windex® Original Glass Cleaner and make sure the windows in your party space free of dirt, grime, and fingerprints. Windex® Original is the best solution for lightening and brightening your home!

Clear the clutter

Clutter can give a spotless home a messy appearance and take up valuable party real estate. Check your living spaces for items that are unnecessary and tuck them away. Clear your walkways and tabletops to make plenty of room for guests to sit or rest plates and glasses. While you’re at it, make hit up your freshly cleared surfaces with some Pledge® Multisurface Cleaner to remove dirt and dust.

Prepare for potential party emergencies

Accidents happen. Plates get dropped, glasses get broken, sinks get clogged. Don’t stress about all the possibilities, just be prepared. Make sure you have your favorite stain removal products on hand. Keep the broom and dustbin close at hand. And have a container of Drano® Max Gel Clog Remover on hand. It’s thick bleach formula cuts right though standing water to work quickly, blasting away clogs, so you can get back to your guests. It works fast and is safe on all pipes. I always make sure to have a bottle in the wings for whenever a clog decides to strike!

Have fun!

Preparing for a holiday party doesn’t have to be a ton of hard work! All you need is a bit of time and a few cleaning products that work as hard as you do. So head to your local Safeway today (you can use this store locator, or use the Safeway app, to find the store nearest you) and head to the cleaning aisle to grab your favorite SC Johnson products today. Then keep calm & party on!


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