Emma: 4 Months

September 15, 2014

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Little Miss is growing like a weed!! She’s off the charts for her height and in the 97% for her weight!

We’re definitely starting to see more of her personality develop. And can I just say, it is so fun! She’s so happy and smiley and giggly and I just love it! She finds her fur brothers to be especially hysterical. She laughs at everything they do. No joke. Oscar coughed the other day and she started cracking up. Dead serious.

And it’s so fun to see her learning new things. She likes to imitate us, so if you hold her and make “O” sounds at her, she’ll very purposefully shape her lips into an exaggerated O and make the sound back at you.

She also started sticking her tongue out all. the. time. Like all the way out. I started calling her Gene Simmons. But she always stuck her tongue out and down. So one day I started sticking my tongue out at her, but sticking it up. And she’d stare at me and stick her tongue out. You could tell she was trying to copy me. After a couple days, I came home from work, and guess who could stick her tongue up? 🙂

We’ve also had some challenges this last month. Ever heard of the Four Month Sleep Regression? I hadn’t. Thankfully, she was still sleeping through the night, but her bedtime routine was becoming a scream-fest. So we had to change the routine up a bit and now she’s back to her normal angelic self.

I just love, love, LOVE that little girl. It is truly a blessing to be her mother. She’s the best baby on the planet (of course, I am biased) and she’s all MINE! Lucky me!! 😀

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