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7 Fun Ways to Celebrate St. Patty’s Day with Kids

February 21, 2019

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It’s weird how you change after you have kids. Now, I cry reading “I’ll Love You Forever.” Now, I think Ariel was just a kid and should have listened to her father and kept her red head below the water. Now, I care about holidays like St. Patrick’s Day.

Never one who cared for pinching or corned beef, I basically just ignored the holiday. But now that I’m a mom, I’m always looking for fun little ways to make these holidays fun and special for my girls. So, I hit up some blogger friends and rounded up 7 (Lucky Number 7!) cute ways to celebrate St. Patty’s day with your little leprechauns!

Rainbow Pasta

Not a fan of traditional corned beef and cabbage? This fun multi-colored pasta from Everyday Best is an easy way to interject a little non-cabbage leprechaun magic into your St. Patty’s Day dinner.

DIY Felt Bracelets

Don’t have any green clothing on hand? This shamrock bracelet from Felt With Love Designs will protect from pinches and your little will have fun making it too!

Shamrock Marshmallow Stamping

This stamping activity from Simple Moments Stick is perfect for even the littlest leprechaun to do! All you need is paper, paint, and jumbo marshmallows to create your own clover field masterpiece!

Paper Plate Wreath

This cute clover wreath from The Keel Deal is not only a fun and easy craft for your kids to do, but also instant St. Patty’s Day decor!

Shamrock Suncatcher

This super simple project from Sarah in the Suburbs is an easy craft that you (probably) won’t have to run to the store for! Craft paper, tissue paper, scissors, and glue are all you need to make this sunny little window decoration.

Leprechaun Hunt

This idea is so fun! Britni at Play. Party. Plan. came up with this cute scavenger hunt idea to celebrate St. Patty’s Day and I love it so much! It’s a fun way to add some magic to the day and is fun for players of all ages. She even includes the scavenger hunt cards as free printables!

Leprechaun Hot Chocolate

What better way to end St. Patrick’s Day than with a nice warm mug of green hot chocolate? Airing My Laundry has a recipe for the yummiest looking hot chocolate no leprechaun will be able to resist!

What are your favorite ways to make St. Patty’s Day special?


7 Fun & Easy Ways to Celebrate St. Patty's Day with Kids

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